It’s the first of December, which means Christmas is comming!!!

I am writing this on the first of December, which for me is the beginning of the Christmas month. I love Christmas as you may already know from my post “20 random little things about me“. But seriously what is their not to love about Christmas, every lane in the city is lit up withChristmas lights, in the shops beautiful Christmas carols are blasting from the stereo systems and people are allsearching for that one special present they could give tothat special someone. And don’t get me started on theChristmas markets that appear in every major city to bringsome glühwein and joy to everyone.

But the thing that I most enjoy about Christmas is preparing forChristmas: setting up the Christmas tree, hangingChristmas lights, finding candles that leave a lingeringscent of Christmas in the room and so on.

I am sorry for getting carried away, but as I am writingthis post, my mom and sister are busy setting up the Christmas three in our living room, which makes my brain think about Christmas and once I start, I could keep going for hours. I know I don’t really mention any shops or gift ideas in this post, those will follow in my next posts, for now I just wanted to remind all of you that the most amazing time of the year is starting. By the way if you really want to get in the Christmas mood from day one, youcan watch vlogmasses, all the big youtubers are doing it. If you don’t know what vlogmas is, the idea is that every day until Christmas you make a vlog, which is a sort of video diary, where you take people along with you in your daily life. I really enjoy watching those, so gotry it yourselves. Although I have to warn you, they can get pretty addictive. I will put the links of my favourite youtubers their vlogmasses in the section below. Have fun and tell me in the comments. What is your favourite part of Christmas? I would love to know 🙂 

Meredith Foster:

Tyla Dunn:

My life as eva:

Joe sugg:

XOXO Little red


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