Through the pink glasses of a marketing student.

aurelie fotoAs a marketing student, I learn a lot about different kinds of marketing techniques, I enjoy learning about these techniques and I always look out for them in real life. Before I started this study, I admit that I never paid attention to what kind of marketing businesses are engaged in, partially because some techniques are so subtle that you don’t notice them as a consumer. So in this blogpost I will give you a run through my every day and give you the inside scoop of how marketers try to get your attention throughout your day.

My day start’s by hearing my alarm clock chime at 07:30, which I immediately shut up, by pressing the snooze button (I know, bad habit) Next I quickly scan through my social media notifications and lock my screen, unless it is important. Then as every human being I make myself ready to start my day (although finding an outfit takes sometimes longer than I expected)

During breakfast, I then read the most important social media posts who got my attention, either because they have an amazing picture or have an awesome and engaging title. For instance, Mathew Hussey’s posts are always very interesting and make me follow his link in his bio. I also love looking at music post’s, I am a music lover by heart, so I can never resist listening to what musician’s want to show the world. For instance when Colton Avery which I mentioned already in the blogpost: Colton Avery, the poet with the beautiful husky voice.  has a post where he has his guitar in his hands and you can listen to fresh ideas for his new music, my fingers start tingling and can’t help to click on his post.

Later on my way driving to the train station I listen to the radio presenter, who likes to give me an inside scoop in the latest music trends and celebrity gossip. This is another marketing way; we never really see as a marketing technique. Finally arrived at my destination, I hurry to the platform. Once I found my seat on the train I look around and see all the different ways people enjoy passing their time with. For instance, there is a guy who is watching a YouTube video on his phone, where someone is giving a review of his favourite video game. A girl who is lost inside her book called the selection and me reading a new e-book I found on the play book store. All subtle content marketing ways, to show us how amazing each brand is.

Arrived at my station, I put my headphones on and walk through the shopping streets to my college. On my way I get greeted by all the window shops who are beautifully decorated, I look at the different campaigns who make me want to buy a new dress for this summer and work out more to have Gigi Hadid’s amazing summer body. This is another subtle but affective marketing technique called influencer marketing.

A few marketing lessons later I am dying to get a hot coffee, so I decide to get one at the Starbucks machine at school, Which I am super grateful for exists. For one it is way cheaper than buying a Starbucks in a real Starbucks store and secondly without one I don’t think I could stay focused during the lessons, sometimes you just need a pick me upper. Plus I love their caramel macchiato as I already mentioned in my 20 random little things about me post. This again is a marketing initiative, to enhance the brand name’s reputation.

During the last lesson a friend of mine taps me on the shoulder to show me a funny video of a martial arts fighters club. They wanted to learn people to defend themselves, if they ever got harassed like the guy on the flight of united airlines. Which I thought was a very clever marketing trick, people as people would share the video due to the fact that it links a very buzz made occasion, with their services. Next i Check my NMBS app to find out if my train would be delate, fortunately for me there was no delay. Apart from this app being really useful, it is another content marketing way, to enhance the brand name of NMBS.

Finally arrived at home, from a long day of learning new and exciting things about marketing, I relax in front of the TV watching my all-time favourite television-show called Friends. Where I go grab a snack during the commercial breaks. Which everybody know is a marketing technique, although less and less company’s use it, due to the fact that consumers are tired of them and have found ways to skip them. But I have to say from time to time I like looking at a commercial due to the fact that the idea is very creative. For instance, the commercial of Dacia with their Dacia duster, I have to admit I love the way they incorporated a well-known song and their brand name. Now every time I see a Dacia duster, the song pops into my head, so hats off to you Dacia.

After working on my groups projects, I look one last time at my social media channels whilst listening to one of my Spotify playlist, before going to bed.

If this post has made you interested in marketing, I really recommend reading the book content marketing of the well-known marketing strategist Joe Pulizzi.

Or if you want to see the different things I like to do and see, you could follow me on  Instagram or Pinterest 🙂

xoxo Little red









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