Keith Canvas, the Belgian mix of Michael Bublé and Jamie Cullum.


I can’t write a column of amazing artist’s without including this wonderful Belgian entertainer, who has thought me a lot about music. If you ever wanted Michael Bublé mixed with Jamie Cullum to exist, then you should definitely check him out!

In addition to his great lyrics, I know from an inside source that, he recorded all the other instruments on his tracks himself, so he can not only sing but also play piano, guitar, drum and sax. If he isn’t a jack of all trades in music I don’t know who is.

The music genre I would put him in would be jazz with pop influences, which I think is amazing! Jazz is such a beautiful genre, but still a lot of my age-mates don’t seem to be into it. Maybe if jazz would mix some pop tunes in their cocktail, they would change their minds. So if you are not such a jazz fan and normally only like pop songs, have a listen to his record, maybe his music will change your mind.

The songs themselves, are perfect to listen to whilst enjoying the streams of sunlight, they are upbeat and have that summery feeling to them. But if you are more of a night time listener, than I think you will like them as well. He has a little of both on his record, so everybody wins!

Furthermore, I have had the chance to see him perform life, he even signed his record for me 🙂 I can say that he really knows how to entertain people with his gentleman charm and humour. It is amazing to see him enjoy playing his songs, in a way that is infectious, you go home feeling relaxed and happy.

If you like to know more about this artist check out his channels:


What do you think of this artist? Is there an artist you love, that I should check out? Tell me in the comments!

xoxo Little red


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