Lovely places to visit and see in Mechelen

Hey everyone! My apologies for my absence of lately, I have had my finals which unfortunately meant I was locked down in my room until exams were over. So now I am finally free, I can go back to my blogging days! jeej! I don't know about you guys, but if I am completely honest the end of a study year makes me feel both sad and happy at the same time, Happy due to the fact that you don't have to be locked down with your nose in a book, trying to cram everything you have seen in a year in your mind. But also sad because now you won't see your friends that often anymore, due to the fact that all of your friends are on vacation. And then there's a moment where you are alone at home with all this free time, and you don't know what you are going to do AKA me a few days ago,yes you read it right, along the way there are moments where you are bored and even though you are as free as a bird, you can't seem to find what to do. Well this post will maybe change your point of view. So as I said earlier, a few days ago I was in that kind of rut, where I didn't know what to do. So I went to the place where everybody gets their answers answered: GOOGLE. I came along different site's and one thing struck me, do I really know what my own city has to offer? As I tried answering this question, I found out that I know all the shopping places and all the great restaurants and bars, but if I would need to give a tour to a foreigner I wouldn't really know what I would show them. So I thought to myself why don't you go on an adventure in your home city and make … Continue reading Lovely places to visit and see in Mechelen


Through the pink glasses of a marketing student.

  As a marketing student, I learn a lot about different kinds of marketing techniques, I enjoy learning about these techniques and I always look out for them in real life. Before I started this study, I admit that I never paid attention to what kind of marketing businesses are engaged in, partially because some … Continue reading Through the pink glasses of a marketing student.